Just in case if you are wondering how am I doing lately...

by - February 28, 2017

I've packed my things and ready to go!

My decision to utilise my annual leave until the official exit date was brilliant as I don't have to work my arse off tidying up things which are to me unnecessary, and totally no point. I had these mixed feelings leaving the company, but can't help to feel very happy at the same time because the torturing has come to an end. I had a fantastic day for the past three years working with the company except for the time when I need to confront irresponsible, opportunist, self-claimed hardworking, self-claimed superb employee, and nonsense fella. Haha. Just in case if you are wondering, I am actually retrenched by the company where I worked with for the past 3 years.

The company has been generous for the compensation, for that I am very grateful. We were given a Retention Package and bonus on top of the Voluntarily Separation Scheme that we are getting. The total of these packages is equivalent to our 1-year salary, which is great. We were also given with computer set with two monitors just like our workplace at the office, and not to forget the company also still paying for employee education fees, and for my case, they still paying for my certification program which costs me RM 1,800 +/- per subject. Awesome right?

Now I am a bit scared of my future. A lot of people were telling me that I am lucky, I have a restaurant, and I can concentrate on the business but to tell you the truth I am not settled, and I still want to be part of the corporate world. Truth is, I have got an offer from one of the top insurance broker, they have sent me an email confirming me that I have been identified as Operation Specialist, however, I have yet to receive the official offer letter. Honestly, it scares me because clearly, it is not official yet.

I have discussed this issue with Head of HR (of the current company where I worked with), and as per her thought most probably they are working on my demand, so maybe they're waiting for the budget to be approved by the management. I have also told her my concern about the possibility for the offer to be slipped from hand and she advised me to keep my choices open and be ready for whatever that will happen.

So yeah, I am trying my best to stay calm and keep looking for other opportunities. I just hope I will get a good job with a good pay soonest possible. I disfavour a long gap between my employments, and I am actually wanted to travel to Japan, and to be specific, I wanted to go to Osaka, Kyoto and Nara. For sure I'll spend a lot of money and I need a job so that I wouldn't regret spending the retrenchment money on travel.

I guess, that is it for now and I believe I'll blog again tomorrow since I am free, jobless (at the moment), and have a lot of free time to blog! Haha... 

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