Mohammad Kari & Ayam Penyet

by - August 08, 2016

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We have this one staff who happens to be an Indonesian from Acheh... I don't really like him at first, I mean his work qualities because he is a bit blur and whenever he takes orders from the customers, mesti ada missing orders and it happens quite often and it makes me mad to the max. He also has this one habit where he is not really accountable for the mistakes he made. Everytime I caught him doing mistakes and scolded him, he will definitely give a lot of excuses, and try to justify why he did it, this and that and sometimes, he just won't admit it at all. Being a garang me, of course, I won't and don't let him win la kan. Like for example, if I am doing a spot-check at the sauces and sambal area and suddenly I saw a lot of small insects appeared, ants especially, I'll ask him and say things like "Kenapa banyak semut nie? Kotor sangat nie... Tak lap ke?". Then, he starts saying that he already did what ever is needed to keep the area clean and tidy and I will answer him "Tak logikla. Saya pun pernah lap lap nie.. Dah lama saya tak datang sini semua tunggang langgang ke? Dan saya tahu dah betul betul lap ke belum. Kalau dah lap, takda la semut datang." Enough to make him terdiam. Bwahahahahah... Anyway his name is Syilfa.

When I was having supper with my husband last Saturday, he suddenly complained about Syilfa...

MS: Syilfa tu kurang asam la sayang. Dia panggil all the banglas Mohd Kari. (laugh) .. Haritu kawan Rahman datang, Bangladeshi kerja Lecka Lecka tu. Syilfa cakap, Muhammad Kari datang!!! Muhammad Kari datang!!! 

Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Serious? Pandai la dia. Kreatif. Bagus la dia tak pangil Bangla. Dia panggil Muhammad Kari. Hahahahah...

MS: Haritu kawan I datang pun dia cakap boss, kawan boss Muhammad Kari sudah sampai. Abang yang Bangladeshi dengan isteri dia tu sayang, yang pasal business tu. 

Me: Abang mamak money changer tu dia panggil apa?

MS: Chapati! Kalau Melayu dia panggil nasi lemak... I nak panggil dia apa?

Me: You panggil la dia ayam penyet. Hahahah!


So yesterday I asked my husband if he called him ayam penyet. My husband said Syilfa doesn't look happy throughout the day so he doesn't want to tease him too much. But he did called him ayam penyet anyway and he made his muncung face je. :(

Syilfa has been working with us for almost 3 months and honestly he improved a lot. He's funny and eventhough he's a bit blur and not that efficient enough in his daily work just yet, but we both are grateful to have a staff like him. He's hardworking, and always try his best to give his best.

I'll write more about him later... This guy is seriously funny.

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