Sarawak's Bowl, Setapak Central KL

by - July 03, 2016

I can't believe it's already less than a week to Hari Raya. It's amazing and scary at the same time how fast time flies and you don't even feel it.

Anyway today I found a new cool eatery in KL.

I am not really a big fan of Laksa Sarawak or any other Sarawak's delicacies but there will be times I will crave for them. I got to know about Sarawak's Bowl from one of the random IG posts and since the place is very near to my house so I feel like to go to the place and give it a try.

The moment I stepped into the place, I can't help myself from feeling so impressed with the concept and the interiors of the restaurant. Sempat berkenalan with one of the owners, Abang Wan and siap exchanged phone numbers lagi. I told him that my husband and I also own a cafe at Wangsa Walk Mall and I invited him to come over if he got free time.

Cool kan the interiors? I love it. :)

Decided to tapau Laksa Sarawak, Beef Mee Kolok and Mee Jawa. Cool giler the packaging... Tumpang rasa proud with anak Kenyalang!

From left to right: Beef Mee Kolok, Mee Jawa and Laksa Sarawak. The portion of the food is quite big and the price is also okay.

I like the Beef Mee Kolok very much but for Mee Jawa and Laksa Sarawak, both are good but a little too unusual for my liking.

Anyway, here goes the info about Sarawak's Bowl:

Sarawak's Bowl
Lot S28 & S29, 2nd floor, Setapak Central Mall,
67, Jalan Taman Ibu Kota, 53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 019-615 8783

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