#duckxbowerhaus ... It wasn't an easy battle

by - July 31, 2016

I am one of the dUCk personal shoppers now and you may follow me at @bubblylovelyduck in Instagram! :D

I would say that I am an opportunist. I realized that there is quite a high demand for the scarves and there are those who really wants it but could not have the opportunities or not that lucky enough to fight well in the so-called #duckbattle be it online or offline, and some are just so lazy to fight. Since my office is so near to the #duckstore so I told myself, why don't try to be the PS to serve these people? At the end of the day, I get profits and experiences out of it although I have no idea how is the process of getting the scarves, how long would be the queue, and how is the so-called adventure awaits me to get them.

Anyway, I am going to cut my #duckbattle story short.

A day before the launching Put volunteered herself to queue for the scarves and I also asked my husband to help me, and I will fight online. Went to the #duckstore a day before the official launching, and the staff told me the scarves will be released online at 10am. Being so confident, I went to sleep early that night only to realize that the scarves are sold out online when I woke up at 3.48am on Friday (29/07/2016)! 

Danggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg! So don't trust them next time. (-.-)'

At 8 am, MS and I booked a Grabcar and we went straight to my office then we walked to Pavilion to this special entrance which was very near from my office and a bit strategic for a quick and easy access to #theduckstore. Konon-kononnya lah. We tried to be friends with the  Nepalese guard as a strategy to get an access but he didn't allowed us to get in. Fine bondu bhai, fine....

Then I told MS it's OK sayang, you just wait here until the door is open and you run as fast as you can to the store later. Had to leave him because I need to go to work. Put was on her way to Pavilion and the funny part is she managed to get to a super fast access to the #duckstore because she was there before MS! She was no 16 in the queue and MS got number 66! 

I cannot concentrate in the office. Keep on refreshing Fashion Valet website under dUCk brand section but there is nothing new shows up. I also keep on asking for updates from Put and MS and my boss starts to walk around my place and whenever he is near I minimize the browser then, maximize it back when he's off from my place. Haha. I think he knows that my focus is out from work. Luckily he didn't ask further.

I only asked Put and MS to buy what were ordered and didn't plan to buy extra. Jade is not really a favorite I guess because I didn't receive orders for Jade. Had this 50-50 feeling whether I should ask Put and MS to buy Jade but decided to request from Put to buy 1 Jade for me. 

By 11.30am, we are done with the #duckbattle people! Woohooo! Urm.., I mean Put and MS actually. :D

Look at these beauties...




#duckxbowerhaus in jade

So this is Jade, supposed to be mine. The one that I've underestimated but was the one that sold out first during the launching... Don't want to let her go but it is too expensive to keep. Maybe next time. ;')

Sold her at RM 470.

Told my client if she were to sell it later please let me know, I will consider to buy it from her. She asked me why, and I told her that I have a very sweet memory with the scarf. It doesn't belong to anyone but I decided to get her in the very last minutes, my husband was so confused with me on that day because I didn't stick with my decision whether I really want it or not, he just layan me and did not even mad at me when he usually does whenever I am being indecisive then I feel bad because I troubled him and then, I asked my friend to buy it from me although initially, she queued for Pink and Grey - still layan me also. Haha....

There's a sweet memory behind that scarf - got her on the day when my besty and my husband really fought for me. 

#duckxbowerhaus in jade



All the scarves are on their ways to their mommies. :)

#duckxbowerhaus trusted personal shopper

Some of the memories on the #duckbattle day. Gah... I don't know why I get so emotional looking at these pictures! Hahahahahaha....

The dUCk scarves store in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

The dUCk scarves store in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

The dUCk scarves store in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Pink was the last one to be sold out. Went to the #duckstore around 7.30pm just to check out what is happening and realize the pink is still in stock....

There are few things that I learned from the #duckbattle ...

1. Things rarely work out the way you planned and there will always be distractions and stumbling blocks that you have to deal - so get a lot of backup plans!

2. Do not share everything you know - especially the secret access to the #duckstore. Haha...

3. Please please please respect the landlord and this includes the guards regardless who they are. Sorry to say, most of the people are rude to the Nepalese guards. I am so disappointed when some of them are a bit uncivilized because they shouted and fought with them. Put told me one of the Nepalese guards responded to them bukan ada emas pun dalam ini kedai which is funny! Bwahahahahhahaahahahha!

4. Get a support group - your companions that help you with during the actual execution of your plan and pay them upah. In my case, I belanja Put and MS lunch. Hehehe...

5. Add more values to the service you offered. Value is anything that people are willing to pay for and I am not going to share my added values here because it is my trade secret. ;)

That's what I can think of now.

Blog soon! :)

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