Current obsession - Global Sewing Machine GSM-505

by - November 14, 2015

Last Sunday I told MS I want to get myself a sewing machine. He's okay with the idea and advised me to buy a second hand one, the classy one (the one that my grandmama uses to sew simple baju kurung or langsir). I was like NOOOOO... I don't want that! It's huge, too manual, heavy and old (lol). 

I was a bit lucky this week because my boss wasn't around so I had chances to do my online survey about sewing machine for beginner like me. Honestly I have no idea about sewing at all! So I need to get a basic machine, easy to use, not too heavy, and most importantly, CHEAP! Hope my boss won't peeping to my blog! Sorry V! But I did finished my works what! :P

I went to Lazada, and typed sewing machine in the search box and there are a lot of models appeared and Global Sewing Machine GSM-505 caught my attention.

Before deciding to buy it, I whatssaped Girl and asked her what are her thoughts about the machine.

Me: Eh, kalau ko free ko tengok global Global Sewing Machine GSM-505 kat Lazada. Okay x? Haha...

Girl: Orang kata okay kan? Aku pun x sure sangat.

Me: Aku x tau sangat. Based on spec macam okay. Oi banyak review cakap bagus. Aku beli terus la. Banyak terpengaruh dengan kau nie. Cis! Hahah...

Girl: Aku pulak pengaruh. Aku nak jadikan hobby. Hehehe.

And the next day...

Me: Dah beli. Hahahahahahahhahahhahhahahahaha

Girl: How you decide which one? Hehehehe

Me: Decide based on its value for money, and considering myself a beginner to avoid the machine jadi benda yang hanya akan collect dust. Global 505! Wahahahahahah... Dah terer nanti ambik la Singer.

And the rest is history.

So here it is, my new toy. The best birthday present I bought for myself this year. :)

The first two scarves sewn by me with the help of MS. 

I'll sew more Something Purdy scarves soon!

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