Hameediyah Nasi Kandar - one of the oldest treasures in Penang Island.

by - October 05, 2015

Had a yummy dinner at Hameediyah Restaurant on our first day in Penang. Seriously, I love the place and also the food very much! The taste of its nasi kandar is amazingly amazing. Well at least to me (and also MS...). ;)

If you are looking for a clean and comfortable place to eat yummy nasi kandar then Hameediyah is definitely the best place to try, I mean, although the place where they display and serve nasi kandar is a bit messy (like below), and although the restaurant doesn't look too flash but it is still okay compare to Nasi Kandar Line Clear. You can read my personal review about Nasi Kandar Line Clear here: [Nasi Kandar Line Clear Penang]

We ended up having dinner here two days in a row! :D

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You know, looks can be deceiving. Therefore, you should give it a try first before you judge! :P

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Both opted for chickens - fried chickens topped with mixed curry and honey chicken gravy.

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Yummy briyani with fried chicken topped with honey chicken gravy and flooded with mixed curry gravy. Win!

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Our dinner on the second day. This time I opted for Biryani with Honey Chicken, Cucumber Salad and Boiled Okra while MS opted for Biryani with Lamb Curry, Chiken Curry, Cucumber Salad and also Boiled Okra.

I will definitely come again. ;)

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