A day trip to Melaka

by - August 16, 2015

Went for a road trip to Melaka and it was fun, although we didn't do any fun things or activities at all other than makan. This is my third time to Melaka and to me it is much more convenient to go to Melaka by car rather than using public transports because you can only go to certain places which are a bit too common, I would say, and you might miss chances to explore more interesting places especially the eateries. 

So, this is my first time to Klebang and I am bit shocked to see the place at first because it was too crowded with people. Talking about the food, there is nothing extraordinary about it as in most of the food can be easily found everywhere and the coconut shake? Well, since I had tasted much more delicious coconut shake before, so it doesn't really impress me. Nevertheless, I still like the place. I like it very much. May be because of its atmosphere... It was too happening and unique! Macam ada open house or kenduri!

Another round of food at Jonker Walk - Oh I love cendol gula melaka, asam laksa and rojak!

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